The sikoba resources

Documents and resources related to the Sikoba project.

Sikoba documentation

Green paper (work in progress - will be reopened for public comments in June)
Optimisation Consensus Protocol (Alex Kampa, 8 May 2017)
The technical side of Sikoba: a short introduction (Eyal Ron, 24 March 2017)
Report on Peer to Peer Marketplaces (draft) (Jennifer DuBois, 4 April 2017)
Please contact us directly if you would like to receive more work-in-progress documentation on a confidential basis.

New Money Hub

Please visit the New Money Hub web site to find out about the money and credit conversion theories that are underlying the Sikoba system.
A pdf version of Money, Credit Conversion and the legacy of Mitchell-Innes can now be downloaded

Conference documents

20MAR17 : Blockchain Stuttgart: [pdf]

30NOV16 : Blockchain Berlin : [pdf]

08NOV16 : Fintech Startup #13 Paris : [pdf]

YouTube videos

Blockchain meetup Berlin on 30 November 2016
NewFinance London on 8 Sepember 2016
(note that the project was then still called New Money Hub)