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Sikoba is developing a decentralised money platform based on peer-to-peer IOUs and built on blockchain technology

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Based on monetary theory research

Sikoba was created by the founder of New Money Hub, a think tank focused on monetary theory and stable economic systems.

New Money Hub

Sikoba tokens

The token presale is over, our newly expanded team is now reshaping our strategy and gearing up for our next exciting move. Stay tuned...


Our vision: the ultimate distributed finance application

With P2P lending growing at 50% p.a., we see the market of P2P IOUs as the next frontier of finance, and the ultimate distributed finance application.


The sikoba concept


Sikoba is a decentralised money platform based on peer-to-peer IOUs and built on blockchain technology. Participants who know and trust each other in real life grant each other credit lines in the Sikoba system. They can then pay each other without using fiat money. These peer-to-peer credit relationships are governed by contracts with specific conditions, fee structures and repayment rules. Using credit conversion, a kind of configurable rippling, payments between participants who do not trust each other become possible. Fiat money or cryptocurrencies are used when there are no credit links between participants, or to repay outstanding balances when needed.


P2P payments are already above $1 trillion annually. From almost nothing 10 years ago, P2P lending has grown to $26bn in 2015 and is expected to reach $900bn in 2024. We believe that P2P IOU systems have a similar potential and that they will soon become the next frontier in finance.

The backing of money

There is, in the end, only one possible backing of money, and that is the promise of human work. All the mechanisms of banking and finance tend to hide this basic fact

Paying with credit

Only a few centuries ago, most trade was done on credit. In addition, many monies circulated: the government’s money (which, by the way, was not always strongest), money issued by bankers, money issued by local princes, by monasteries, by merchants. Paying with credit was a normal occurrence. The Sikoba system will allow a flowering of this monetary diversity, adapted for modern times.

Use cases

The aim of Sikoba is to provide a generic platform for money systems. A few use cases are listed below.

Inter-company credit system

Groups of companies that do business with each other on a regular basis, for example because they are located in the same geographical region, will profit from setting up interco credit systems. Instead of systematically paying each other's invoices, they register invoices in the system and only pay residual balances after periodic clearing. As a result, less bank credit is needed. More Info

Jump-starting local economies for the world’s unbanked

In some situations, the poverty is such that even the access to micro-credit is very limited. Here, a system such as Sikoba can help to jump-start local economies. Once people realise that bank money is not absolutely necessary, and have a tool for precisely keeping track of mutual credits and debits, even primitive economics may get a boost.

Alternatives for micro-credits

Micro-credits carry very high interest rates, sometimes over 50% annualised. They are also difficult to obtain, especially in areas where the next bank is far away. Bank money will always be needed for some purchases, such as specialised equipment. However, when artisans and merchants start using their own credit on the Sikoba platform for local trade, their reliance on micro-credits may decrease significantly. More Info

Local currencies

Setting up local currencies is a natural use case for Sikoba. We aim for an easy set-up that will make it possible to start a local currency even for very small communities. Local currencies using Sikoba will become easily exchangeable with other local currencies. Also, such currencies can be tied to local cost of living indices.

Crisis money

When a financial crisis hits, local and even central governments may find a need to quickly issue new monetary instruments. Sikoba aims to provide more flexibility than the banking system, while being linked to state-of-the art KYC systems.

Sikoba news

Sikoba in the press - Lëtzebuerger Land 31 March (click for details)
31 March : the Sikoba presale was mentioned in an article by Jean Lasar in the Lëtzebuerger Land: La blockchain, plateforme de financement

See us at - Luxembourg 6 Nov
6 November - Luxembourg : We are organising a Luxembourg Crypto-Finance meetup.

2 October 2017 - Alexis Cosson joins Sikoba as Strategy Director
Alexis will be in charge of our digital strategy, business development and community relations. Before joining Sikoba, he has helped start-ups as well as several successful ICOs with their content marketing and strategy. Alexis is French and has lived in Berlin for the past eight years.

15-17 September 2017 - Paris - Fintech Startup Labs hackathon
Worked on a business model and use cases for Sikoba, focusing on emerging economies. We won joint 3rd prize DESPITE the fact that the jury did not think that blockchain was that relevant for our project!?

23 May 2017 - Luxembourg - Secondary currencies workshop @ Etika.lu
Invited by May Hilbert to participate in a secondary currencies workshop at etika.lu

12 April 2017 - Arthur Fall’s Ether Review Sydney Edition: Bok Khoo explains Sikoba
Bok Khoo spoke about Sikoba in Arthur Fall’s Ether Review Sydney Edition which Has been listened to by over 4500 people (11-17 minutes and 19-21 minutes). See a picture of the people who participated in the podcast.

10 April 2017 - Sikoba Ltd onboards with otonomos and changes registered address
Sikoba Ltd has recently “onboarded” with otonomos, an online company governance platform that uses blockchain technology. As a result, our registred address is now 1 Fore Street, London EC2Y 9DT (previously: 20-22 Wenlock Road, London N1 7GU).

2 April 2017 - Satoshi Square Tel Aviv
Eyal Ron met with the local blockchain community at Satoshi Square in Tel Aviv

1 April 2017 - Berlin cryptoeconomics meetup
We attended and spoke at the Berlin cryptoeconomics meetup. A very intense event with many interesting speeches and encounters: Konstantin Lomashuk from satoshi.fund, Dima Starodubcev from cyber.fund, Ksenya Bellman from dao.casino. Also a special announcement by Zack Hess for Aeternity. Many thanks to Ksenya for organising this event and inviting us; to Christian Hildebrand, who runs the Agora Collective, for providing the venue; and last but not least to Ryan for the live streaming of the event: youtube channelevent video.

30 March 2017 - Green Finance roundtable discussion in Paris
The highlight of the Green Finance roundatble discussion was when Roger Wei, reacting to a description of the Sikoba system, described to us how some Chinese small business networks operate in Paris at the present time. Members of these networks “buy” from each other on credit, and settle accounts only once a year. There is a “big man” in the middle enforcing rules, and those who default are frozen out of the community. Many thanks to Fabrice F. Seng for the invitation!

29 March 2017 - Bok Khoo @ Sydney Ethereum Meetup
Although not initially foreseen in the schedule, Bok Khoo (aka BokkyPooBah) did a short talk about Sikoba at the Sydney Ethereum Meetup which boasted an impressive audience of well over 100.

29 March 2017 - Presentation at Köln Finfinity meetup
Many questions as usual and a very lively discussion at Köln Finfinity meetup. A special thanks to Natallia Martchouk for hosting and sponsoring this event. The venue was exceptional, with a direct view of the Cologne cathedral, and drinks and beer were free. Of special interest was a discussion with Barbara Lampl who immediately saw the link between the sikoba project and promissory notes (“Wechsel”) that were used by German businesses until a couple of decades ago.

26 March 2017 - New terms of the Sikoba token presale announced
We are extending the pre-allocation period, streamlining the preallocation process and adding additional incentives to participate. More infos on the Sikoba token presale page.

20 March 2017 - Sikoba presentation in Stuttgart
Very lively debate at Blockchain Stuttgart, right in the heart of this beautiful city - and event organised by our friend Andrei Martchouk. You can download the presentation here

20 March 2017 - Sikoba Bounty Program announced
We have announced a bounty program for the Sikoba presale smart contract. Prizes range from a modest 1.40 ETH (~50 EUR) to well over 28.50 ETH (~1000 EUR). More at github : sikoba/token-presale

14 Mar 2017 - Presale smart contract audit completed
Bok Khoo of Bok Consulting Pty Ltd has completed an audit of our presale smart contract, cf The Sikoba Presale Smart Contract Security Audit. We are extremely happy with the quality of this work and would recommend Bokky to anyone wishing to bulletproof their smart contracts.

13 Mar 2017 - Sikoba presentation in Düsseldorf
Aleksander Kampa made a presentation of Sikoba at Blockchain meetup Düsseldorf, following an invitation from the indefatigable Andrei Martchouk. A very lively event and a great audience with a record number of questions both during and after the talk. It was in the famous Roggendorf-Haus, whose facade is covered by climibing Flossis.

17-18 Feb 2017 - Sikoba at EDCON in Paris
Aleksander Kampa and Roland Kofler were at EDCON in Paris - an occasion for many intersting talks with blockchain professionals from France, Germany, the UK, Poland, Germany, Russia, Israel, Iran, China and other countries. Of special interest was a presentation by Heiko Hees about trustlines network - it was good to know that we have a competitor: we re not alone in this segment any more! Roland s EDCON report can be seen here: Coding Certitude - Explaining Ethereum while at EDCON.

Feb 2017 - From ‘New Money Hub’ to ‘Sikoba’
For a variety of reasons, which included an existing moneyhub.com website, the “New Money Hub” project was renamed to “Sikoba.”


‘Sikoba is the result of my life-long interest in monetary theory. We see a future where money will once again be diverse, with many different issuers, with a variety of credit relationships, where people will take an active interest in the type of money they wish to use. Our aim is to provide the tools to achieve that vision.’ - Alex Kampa

Alex Kampa

Aleksander Kampa

Research Director

Alex is a researcher in monetary theory and leads the development of the Sikoba platform.

Elisabeth Kampa

Elisabeth Kampa

Legal Counsel

A former Group General Counsel of a large corporation, Eliabeth is a co-founder and helps us deal with legal issues.

Alexis Cosson

Alexis Cosson

Strategy Director
Berlin, DE

Alexis is responsible for our digital strategy and business development. He was previously involved with several successful ICOs.

Lisa Tan

Lisa Tan

Finance Director
London, UK

Lisa is in charge of accounting and compliance issues. She has a long experience as head of finance of a UK listed company.

Dmitriy Belenkiy

Dmitriy Belenkiy

Product Management
Moscow, Russia

Dmitry has more than 10 years’ experience in IT project management, marketing and product development.

Bok (Bokky) Khoo

Bok Khoo

Blockchain Consultant
Sydney, Australia

Bokky is a self-described ‘Actuary, consultant, quantitative developer, almost-a-palaeontologist and Ethereum fanatic.’

Emmanuel d'Hardemare

Emmanuel d’Hardemare

Senior Advisor
Metz, FR

Emmanuel is a financial services and risk specialist. He has been advising us on platform design and regulatory issues.

Roland Kofler

Roland Kofler

Blockchain Advisor
Alto Adige, Italy

Roland is an Ethereum consultant and also helps with community relations.


Follow our progress as we work
on making the iou economy a household concept.

  • July 2016

    Sikoba Ltd created.

  • April-October 2017

    Token presale. We are asking for people to support our project at an early stage.

  • October 2017

    Whitepaper and POC ready.

  • Nov/Dec 2017

    Token Crowdsale. To really get things rolling we will be raising money to develop a fully functional product.

  • 2Q2018

    First test users

  • 3Q2018

    Full-scale launch

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Sikoba Ltd is registered in the UK with the number 10283521. Its registered address is 1 Fore Street, London EC2Y 9DT.

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