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We are still looking for help in the area of comunity management.

Coming up: Sikoba workshop in Berlin on 15-16 March
before that, on 7th March, we will be present at "Towards a blockchain infrastructure for the EU" meetup in Luxembourg

+ 18th Feb: Sikoba & Cryptographic Democracy brunch in Warsaw
+ 16th Feb: Sikoba meetup in Budapest
+ 6th Feb: CLUSIL New Year's event on 6 February in Luxembourg
+ 26 Jan: Alex spoke in Munich about Solidity testing using Ruby (the legendary BokkyPooBah was the main speaker at that event!)

Other news: website redesign underway. Zoltán Humpok has joined Sikoba as lead developer. Max Hilbert, who manages the Beki local currency, agreed to become an advisor.


Sikoba is building a decentralised money platform based on peer-to-peer IOUs and blockchain technology. Participants who know and trust each other in real life grant each other credit lines in the Sikoba system. They can then pay each other without using fiat money. These peer-to-peer credit relationships are governed by contracts with specific conditions, fee structures and repayment rules. Using credit conversion, a kind of configurable rippling, payments between participants who do not trust each other become possible. Fiat money or cryptocurrencies are used when there are no credit links between participants, or to repay outstanding balances when needed.

Some additional information can be found on our reddit wiki.

 Where we are - December 2017

We are working on a proof-of-concept. In the meantime, if you're interested in the project and want to contribute, please don't hesitate to contact ak/at/sikoba/dot/com.

 Note on token presale

At the beginning of January 2018, we have clawed back unclaimed funds from the token presale (link) that ended in May 2017. Participants can no longer reclaim their contributions, but will be given tokens instead - exact amounts to be decided in the coming weeks. Some of the funds were used by the company to repay debt, the majority will be used for product development.